Copper Monkey offers pragmatic, innovative and knowledgeable solutions in order to offer your guests a superior an unforgettable experience, while maximizing your profit.

Below is a list of services offered by Copper Monkey, each can add value to your business. Whether you are a new bar, still in the planning stages or an already existing establishment looking to improve, Copper Monkey has a solution.
Scroll through to get an idea of our services, but do keep in mind that we would however like to spend some time with you and review your particular needs in order to customize a specific program with effective solutions for your bar.

Bar Ergonomics, Design and Layout

We cannot over emphasize the vital importance of bar ergonomics, design and layout.
The ergonomics and flow of the bar, directly affect the speed, efficiency and overall performance of the bartenders, which in turn increases profit & tips.
Anyone that has spent a few shifts behind the bar will attest to the importance of correct bar flow. It is common practice for the bar to be designed by the architect, which is also a common mistake. It makes sense to have a bar designed by bartenders for bartenders!

Bar Equipment Supply

Correct Bar and Cocktail Equipment is very essential to deliver speed of service while creating consistent and well crafted cocktails and beverages.
Copper Monkey can supply top class Barware and Cocktail Equipment.
We can assist with sourcing the correct equipment of anything that we do not stock. You have so much planning and organizing to do, let us take care of the ordering and supply of your bar equipment and smalls.

Bar ProgramĀ 

With the modern cocktail revolution in full swing, as well as many establishments competing for the same customers, it is essential that your bar raise its game to make the necessary margins, while also serving up well crafted beverages and offering the customer a memorable experience.

We will design your bar drinks menu to maximize profits while also offering your guests a luxury cocktail program.

Bar Menu Design

We will design your bar drinks menu to maximize profits while also offering your guests a luxury cocktail program.
services include cocktail design

Cocktail Design

Allow us to create delicious and easily reproduce-able, original craft and signature cocktails exclusively for you, to showcase your bar at the highest level.
services include staff recruitment

Staff Recruitment

Having many contacts in the industry, including many training schools, we can assist you in finding staff that have the right fit for you and your bar.
services include spirit selection

Spirit Selection

The selection of spirits, are important to the quality of all the drinks and cocktails served from your bar. Using our spirit and brand knowledge, we can best advise you on what to stock.
services include back of house operations

Back of House Operations

Great bar design, well trained staff and impressive cocktails don’t mean much if the systems behind the scenes are not efficient. These back of house operational procedures and systems can make or break your business, and are one of the keys to the bar’s success. As with the other services offered, we at Copper Monkey will customize your BOH operations and systems, including correct costing(VIP), stock control, and daily operational procedures.
services include staff training and spirits education

Staff Training and Spirits Education

Let us train your staff from basic bartending through to advanced bartending. We will share our expertise with your staff; molding them into skilled and stylish bartenders with a good spirit knowledge, great work habits and principles. Educated bartenders will ensure an extraordinary experience for your customers. We inspire staff to approach their work ethic as more than just a job, but as a career, instilling pride in their profession, realizing they are there for the guests and the guest experience.