Montelobos Mezcal

Montelobos meaning ‘mountain of wolves’ is an unaged Mezcal produced from organic Espadín Agave. The agaves are sourced from Loma Larga in Santiago Matatlán Oaxaca. After roasting for 5-7 days in a volcanic stone pit, the agaves are crushed with a tahona and allowed to naturally ferment.

Montelobos was created by Dr. Iván Saldaña and is produced by 5th generation mezcalero, Don Abel Lopez.

The espadin offers up a well-balanced blend of roasted agave notes, herbaceous elements and a classic whiff of smoke.

Tasting Note by The Chaps at Master of Malt
Nose: Gentle wood smoke and green bell pepper character, supported by notes of underripe green apple and just the faintest suggestion of blue cheese.

Palate: Medium-bodied and wonderfully linear, with a delicate mineral streak and subtle smokiness wrapped up in flavours of ripe tropical fruit.

Finish: Long and fruit-driven, with mango and a more powerful smokiness. A very classic, easy drinking style of Mezcal.